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Re: [IP] Primary Care docs and pumps

> Anyway...I'm wondering what the concensus is re: Primary Care docs
> prescribing pumps. We only have one Endo in this area that likes the
> pump. In our clinic we have several pts who are interested in the
> pump and Mini Med seems to think that PCP's can handle this fine. I
> have been to a Pump trainer seminar and hope to have that
> Certificate soon. Since I had very little support when starting the
> pump I'm not sure if a PCP is appropriate. Several of the docs are
> quite enthusiastic about it however, and want to meet with MiniMed
> to learn more about it. Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Laurie

The answer to your question is above!!
If only one endo in your entire area knows anything about pumps, what 
difference could it possibly make if patients used the OTHER endos or 
a PCP who was interested in pumping. Would seem logical to me that 
the latter choice would provide the patient with much better care and 
an interested medical support team to boot.

BTW, there are many PCP that specialize in diabetes care that are not 
endos -- "diabetologists(sp)"

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