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Re: [IP] Psychiatric settings


The risk isn't to the patient of prison inmate, it is to you.

I would think they would worry that the tubing could be used a ligate and
wrapped around you neck, and you could possible be strangled to death by it,
in a situation with a mental patient or prison imate.  Also there is the
risk that if you are taken hostage in a correctional institution, you might
held an undeterminable amount of time and run out of insulin going into DKA,
with no possibility of medical help.

Thirty years ago a female student was working in the jail cell of the
country hospital.  She had long hair and wore it tied back according to
policy.  An inmate was transfer from the downtown jail after exhibiting
strange behavior.  He grabbed the ribbon from the woman's hair and strangled
her to death.  All with a prison guard, door wide open, three feet away.


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