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[IP] Primary Care docs and pumps

Hi everyone...I have been pumping since July and it sure has made a
dramatic change in my life!. I started the pump with a loaner from the
MIni Med Rep after he dared me to try in for 3 months....you'd have to
finght me to get it away from me now. I work as a nurse in a multi doc
Internal Med office and have been diabetic for 39 yearsso already
counted carbs, covered highs with humolog, and so on so starting the
pump wasn't incomprehensible to me but there were sure some rocky times.

Anyway...I'm wondering what the concensus is re: Primary Care docs
prescribing pumps. We only have one Endo in this area that likes the
pump. In our clinic we have several pts who are interested in the pump
and Mini Med seems to think that PCP's can handle this fine. I have been
to a Pump trainer seminar and hope to have that Certificate soon. Since
I had very little support when starting the pump I'm not sure if a PCP
is appropriate. Several of the docs are quite enthusiastic about it
however, and want to meet with MiniMed to learn more about it. Any input
is appreciated.
Thanks, Laurie

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