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Re: [IP] Accuchek Complete & pumping

I don't understand it.  When I went on the pump a few months back, through 
MiniMed, you get a free Accuchek Complete sent to you.  I did, but I just 
felt it was "to big" for me.  I called the Accuchek company and talked with 
a really nice lady.  She said no problem.  Told me to keep the Complete as a 
back up and she sent me a FREE Accuchek Advantage with strips and 
everything.  Our local pharmacy has the same thing.  Last month they had a 
rep there giving out information and meters.  They figure if you have the 
meter, see how it works, you will then buy their strips!!  So, I'm not 
understanding why some of you are having problems getting free meters.  I'll 
see if I can get a couple and will let you guys have them if you really want 
them :-)

> >I'm interested in how you got it. I have spoken with many people at Acute
> >about the complete and have been told that the ONLY way to get one is to 
> >and purchase one and wait on the rebates. The last person was supposed to
> >a district sales manage and he was very adamant about not budging from
> >company policy.
> >Tommy
>I too called Accuchek in hopes of getting a free moniter (or at least a
>really good deal) & was told in no uncertain terms that they "DO NOT NOR
>HAVE THEY EVER" given away any moniters, regardless of amount of strip 
>& testing frequency, nor are they likely to start!  (The caps are because
>that's the tone of voice I was given...maybe the woman I spoke with was
>having a particularly bad day, & I got the brunt of it.)  She did offer to
>send me rebate forms, & told me I could do the trade-in for a slight
>discount- the way she figured it, that put me at paying all-told around 
>which was still a little too rich for my pre-holiday blood.  Just as I was
>processing this info & trying to resign myself to it, along comes SuperSam
>to save the day!!  (Thank you, Sam...I owe you an update on that, as soon 
>the back-to-school life lets me catch my breath again!)  At any rate, when 
>called I got a very definite "NO!"  So it's not just you, Tommy.

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