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Re: [IP] suggestions on insurance PLEASE!!!

> Gianna,
> Who is your insurance through?  If it's through a parent's company,
> it could be that the company has changed coverage to decrease the
> cost of the premiums they pay for employees.  

Good luck (or) you gotta be kidding!!

<begin RANT>
I just got the notice from BS that the co-pays would go from 
15 - 25 - 50 for generic - formulary - non-formulary drugs to
25 - 50 - 75

AND that we could no longer buy 90 days worth of supplies at a time, 
but only 60 days worth -- thats a 100% increase in our costs. Guess 
what else -- Humalog is a non-formulary drug. None of this comes 
under the main policy deductible either since it's all prescription 
stuff and is under the drug plan -- gotta fork out another $2k a year 
until the deductibles for family are all met (7 of them). My estimate 
is that in the last 5 years, my direct cost for insurance has doubled 
for my family. -- We are self insured since I'm a small business man 
(make that a TINY business man). Thank you Uncle Sam, it's not even 
tax deductible -- what a bunch of crap!
</end RANT>

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