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Re: [IP] in-law newly dxed type 2

> OK. This is one that "gets my dander up." (And I should say here that this
> "vent" isn't directed at you, Deborah.)
> Diabetes is diabetes is diabetes. While we come at it from different
> directions (autoimmune disease vs insulin resistance or insufficient
> production), we all need to keep our BGs under control and in normal

I agree with you that diabetes is diabetes is diabetes. My husbands parents
have had a hard time dealing with the fact that Eve has diabetes. Now this.
My father-in-law is very depressed about the dx and I think that his wife is
too. I know that one of my brother-in-laws is very depressed about his
father's dx. This is not the first time that they suspected that he might
have D, a couple of years ago he had sugar in his urine and the doctor ran a
different test and said it came out negative. This is a hard time for my
father-in-law b/c he will be retiring in March. What concerns me is that he
has never taken good care of himself and this will all fall on my
mother-in -law. I'm more trying to find some good resources for her to help
her husband. My in-laws feel that he will not be on oral meds long and he
will have to go on straight insulin (not true). Right now they are all
thinking the worse.

> As for the doc who is checking for sugar in the urine -- tell your
> father-in-law to find a doc who knows something. :-)

My husband has told his mother find a new doctor now.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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