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[IP] Psychiatric settings

Now this is a question I never thought I would ask, but here it goes.

A month or so ago, someone posted the article from the Cleveland Plain
Dealer about an immate not being allowed to keep his pump during his prison
stay because of "the device's half-inch needle posed a security risk".  The
county that this prison is in is adjacent to the one I go to school in.
What does this have to do with me an my pump?  Well, appearently my
professor read this or a similar article.  She said that she thought it was
a lot of ignorance, and admitted she did not know a lot about the pump, but
wanted to address the possiblity of difficulties I might have entering
controlled environments.  I am doing a mental health clincal this quarter
with her, and could find myself working in a prison or various psychiatric
settings.  She suggested I call MiniMed, and ask what their
postion/statement was about those environments and/or the people working in
them using a pump.  And also talk to my doctor.  I called, and MiniMed said
they do not have a position/statement on prisions/psychiatric environments
but do know that some will not allow pumps in them.  While the safety risk
to the user (me) is not particularly a concern because I'm not an
immate/client/patient, but it is still a risk.  I'm seeing my doctor in a
few weeks, and will ask him then, but I was wondering what your
thoughts/experiences with this was.  So what do I do?  At this point I'm
half tempted to just stick it in my bra and no one will ever know.  The
total clinical experience is 36 hours, which to me isn't worth a battle.
However I do have a full time mental health clinical that lasts 12 weeks
that will be this year.  I do not see how my pump could harm others.  We
are very attached.  I would notice instantly if someone took Jude from me.
I use Sillouette/Comfort/Tender, so there is no needle/sharp object.  You
can't do anything with the insulin, other than drink it, without a needle,
so it is useless.  And if you drink it, it still doesn't do anything.  Am I
missing something?

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