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Re: [IP] site in bum

> michael:
> how does your daughter do this? doesn't having a site under her
> pants rub on the site? i would think it would...or is it just when
> it is under the waist line? i'm going to try my backside this
> weekend but am unsure how to proceed. Erinn (pumping 1.5 weeks, D
> for 15 years)

I don't know. She preferrs the backside to the front, says it is more 
comfortable. There are lots of pumpers on the list that use this 
area, but as a non-pumper I can't offer any specifics, perhaps 
someone will chime in and answer you more specifically. I guess I 
should take some kiddie-porn pictures (appropriately blacked out of 
course) and put a guide of sorts on the web site for placement 

> >I've watched my daughter do this -- she sort of twists around and 
> >sticks it in with her right hand (either left or right side). It 
> >would seem easier to me to do it sitting in front of a mirror rather 
> >than twisting to see. But.... I'm not the one doing it.... The 
> >insertion is done in the space between a normal belt line and what 
> >would be the top of a pant pocket. It's actually on the "top" of your 
> >bun to the outside of the cheek.
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