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[IP] morning BS rise

this happened to geneva this am.  she had some cereal,  a new TOTAL that my
husband bought (brown sugar and oats)...25 grams carbs and 9 grams sugar.

anyway...she called home at 9:15 am with a  BG of 328 !!!
gave herself 1.0 unit bolus (to drop 100 points)  and at 11:00 was 87.

she then had to treat with 8 cho to bring her up at noon to 113.

we did not do a temp basal like we normally do when she eats a food on the
high glycemic index.  now remember..there was no fat in her breakfast.  just
grains,  and skim milk.  so...this is definitely a refined food thing I

what we normally do is raise her basals on a temp about 0.1 or 0.2 points
higher for 2-3 hours.  still playing around with this time frame.

mom to geneva age 10 1/2

>I've always had a straight carb breakfast, usually
> hot cereal and only about 20 carbs worth. I started a new diet the last
> weeks trying to lose some weight and ate their suggestion of 1 pc wheat
> and 3 egg white/1yoke scrambled, and 16oz of water.  Instead of my bg
> up to 300, it only went up about 50 pts.

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