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[IP] Alive still and kickin' #@*

?Hi everybody!  I just wanted to give you an update on me and my diabetes
problems.  All the
support I have been getting is so appreciated.  It was a long 3 weeks on
liquids.  I-like
anyone-love to drink things like soda, water, etc., but it is difficult to
drink EVERYTHING!  Good
side of that is I lost another 6 pounds.  Yeah!!  Last week, we added soft
foods to my diet.  What a
break through.  I have had a lot of white rice and mashed potatoes this
week.  LOL Today I met
with my nutritionist and I GET TO EAT LOTS OF THINGS!  It was so helpful to
know how to
make a real meal plan out of soft foods.  Even if I never get any better
than this, I can live with it.
The liquids only thing was another story.  But, with the help of all my
friends here and those on the
WebMD diabetes message board, I have hope again.  Several of the pumpers
that have gastroparesis
also said it took anywhere from 2 to 6 months to have all their systems
regulate now that the blood
glucose levels are normal.  I hadn't thought of it that way.  I guess since
a high blood sugar causes
the stomach to empty one way or another (tactful for you know what ;-) ), it
wouldn't know what to
do if it had to empty on its own.  The muscles got a little (a lot) lazy I
suppose.  Anyway, I'm
better.  I was informed a couple of days ago that the episode of Richard
Simmons Dream Maker
that we have all been waiting for (*wink*) was shown.  Darn!  We were not
notified as we were
told we would be.  So-Mom and Dad happened to be watching that day and
recorded it.  At least I
get to see how they finished it off.  Sorry you missed it.  But, I'm still
just as beautiful and
intelligent as I was that day!  LOL Thanks again for all the support and
love.  You guys are great!

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