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Re: [IP] morning BS rise

In a message dated 01/04/2000 9:34:07 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

I have had this same problem with breakfast for all of my 20 yrs of DM.  I've 
been puming 4 yrs.  I've had better luck with the dawn phenom adjustment from 
3am to about 10am.  Also, I've always had a straight carb breakfast, usually 
hot cereal and only about 20 carbs worth. I started a new diet the last few 
weeks trying to lose some weight and ate their suggestion of 1 pc wheat toast 
and 3 egg white/1yoke scrambled, and 16oz of water.  Instead of my bg going 
up to 300, it only went up about 50 pts.  Thought it was just a fluke, but 
its been consistently happening for about two weeks now.  Might be worth a 

Good luck,

<< I need some help making an adjustment of my basals. I can wake up with 
 BS's, and no matter what I do, bolus and eat or not eat, I will rise to highs
 of almost 300. I will come back down to normal approximately 3 hours later.
 But in the meantime I feel horrible! From 12am to 6am, I am on a basal rate 
 .5 and the rest of the time I am on a rate of .3. I was on a rate of .6 
 but was waking up with constantly unsafe lows. Any ideas on how to adjust so 
 don't spike so high after breakfast, but don't bottom out before or around
 lunch? Thanks again for any help, Denise >>
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