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Re: [IP] FW: pizza and hyperglycemia

No results yet.  The study just started the first part of December.  It is a
6 months study with approximately 25-30 participants.  We are divided into 2
groups with 3 months access to in-home computer internet services.  We are
given iMac computers and a Hewlett Packard Deskjet printer.  We are then
given 1 day of instruction on using the computer and then are sent home to
do what we want.  The "home page" is set up from U of Iowa with lots of info
about diabetes and links to other sites.  We can also e-mail each other and
have a forum set up to discuss diabetes issues.  At the end of three months
we will turn over the computer to the other group and then continue with our
diabetic education as we "normally" do.

Most of us are located in and around Grinnell, Iowa, which is about 75 miles
from the University.  One of the objectives is looking at a rural area to
determine if technology can help with diabetic education.

By the way, the study is sponsored by the National Library of Medicine.
Like I said, I am a computer "junkie" and have learned so much using the
internet so I am anxious to see results.

The make up of the group varies in education, profession, age, computer
savvy level . . . it is really a mixed group and I don't know if they are
going to look at the make up of the group.

One of the factors they are going to use is Hba1c.  Everyone was tested
pre-study, will be tested again at the 3 month mark and at the end of the
study.  There was a knowledge written test at the beginning of the study and
we will have another one at the end of the study.  Plus an interview at the

I'm really enjoying he study and hope the results are positive.  I do know
that on training day there seemed to be lots of people who had no computer
knowledge at all.  Should be interesting.

I am anxious to get started in my "quest" for the pump.  This is a great
site and I look forward to learning more.

There is one other person, Brent Jaeger, who is also participating in this
study (he is in the second group for computers) who is also a member of this
group.  He is also considering a pump.


on 1/6/00 10:22 PM, Armsted Harris at email @ redacted wrote:

> Dear Gilda
> Most curious about the study that you are involved in at the U of Iowa. Are
> there any preliminary results you can share? What is the make up of the
> group..education level...computer savvy level, etc.
> I have found that 'knowledge' is the best treatment (tool) available over my
> 30 years with diabetes. I am always interested in how people can learn in
> alternative modes.
> Good luck with evaluating the pump.  It is a great freedom machine and can
> help wonderfully. I hope you will find great helpers if you go on the pump.
> In and around the university of Iowa I imgine there are lots of really smart
> and savvy helpers.  You will be in great shape if you do it.
> Best wishes.........
>> From: Gilda Weiskopf <email @ redacted>
>> Reply-To: email @ redacted
>> To: <email @ redacted>
>> Subject: [IP] FW: pizza and hyperglycemia
>> Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 13:14:55 -0600
>> I just started "surfing" newsgroups and came across this article regarding
>> pizza.  Since there has been a lot of discussion about iŻ recently, I
>> thought I would forward it.
>> I am involved in a study with the University of Iowa "to determine whether
>> or not the in-home availability of an internet-based diabetes education
>> program will be used by patients with diabetes and whether or not such a
>> program can help a patient to understand more about their diabetes and to
>> help them improve their diabetes blood sugar conrol."  Although I am an
>> avid
>> internet user before starting the study, I feel I am learning more.  I had
>> been thinking about an insulin pump and this group, plus my diabetic
>> educator have convinced me that I should pursue it further.  So I will be
>> seeing an internal medicine doctor next week about the pump.
>> This group is a big help even though right now I don't undersand a lot of
>> the technical suff.  But that will come with "education."  Thanks for
>> helping in my learning process.
>> Gilda Weisskopf
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>> From: Doug Skrecky <email @ redacted>
>> Organization: Vancouver CommunityNet
>> Newsgroups: misc.health.diabetes,sci.med.nutrition
>> Date: 6 Jan 2000 01:00:05 GMT
>> Subject: pizza and hyperglycemia
>> Citations: 1-2
>> <1>
>> Authors
>> Tatti P.  Di Mauro P.  Guarisco R.
>> Title
>> An unsuspected factor contributing to pizza
>> hyperglycemia [letter; comment].
>> Comments
>> Comment on: Diabetes Care 1993 Apr;16(4):578-80
>> Source
>> Diabetes Care.  16(10):1409-10, 1993 Oct.
>> <2>
>> Authors
>> Ahern JA.  Gatcomb PM.  Held NA.  Petit WA Jr.  Tamborlane WV.
>> Institution
>> Department of Nursing, Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut.
>> Title
>> Exaggerated hyperglycemia after a pizza
>> meal in well-controlled diabetes [see comments].
>> Comments
>> Comment in: Diabetes Care 1993 Oct;16(10):1409-10, Comment in: Diabetes
>> Care
>> 1993 Oct;16(10):1410-1
>> Source
>> Diabetes Care.  16(4):578-80, 1993 Apr.
>> Abstract
>> OBJECTIVE--To examine whether the postprandial hyperglycemic effect of
>> pizza in well-controlled IDDM patients is related to
>> overeating or to unique properties of this popular food. RESEARCH DESIGN
>> AND
>> METHODS--On two evenings, each patient (n = 8) consumed a meal that was
>> similar in macronutrient composition except that one consisted of
>> pizza and the other was a control meal that included high
>> glycemic index foods. The insulin regimen was held constant.
>> RESULTS--Postprandial glucose levels were within the target range (< or
>> =
>> 10
>> mM) after the control meal. Although the initial glucose increase was
>> similar
>> for the two meals, plasma glucose continued to rise and was
>> significantly
>> increased from 4 to 9 h after ingestion of pizza compared
>> with the control meal (P < 0.05). This increase occurred even though
>> free
>> insulin, glucagon, and free fatty acid levels did not differ
>> significantly.
>> CONCLUSIONS--Our data suggest that pizza has properties that
>> accentuate and sustain postprandial hyperglycemia.
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