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Should pump brands be discussed? [[WAS Re: Thanks! (Was: RE: [IP] re: Disetronic Pump?)]]

( had a little trouble distinguishing quoted material from the new post so
apologies if I've erred) but here goes.

>>If anyone is getting "a kickback" its the insurance
companies not professionals. Most doctors, I believe, are trying to help.
It bothers me when the general public have the perception that doctors are
all out for a buck. >>

Dear Joann (Mom of Cara, age 14),
   Thank you for saying this. I've always known this to be true. People are
far too quick to allege that a trainer or doctor is receiving a kickback, a
horrendous charge and one that is issued on the flimsiest of  reasons.
   Even if a doctor or CDE does have a preference, does that surprises
anyone? If you still someone thinks a medical professional has to be getting
a money perk to prefere one peice of equipment over another, ask yourself if
it took a money perk for you to develop that preference.
    Almost all of us have a strong preference for one pump or the other.
Yes, I  say that despite the many whoi say "both pumps are great." I
appreciate the effort to be evenhanded, but when we made out choice and were
later happy with it, most of us developed a strong attachment to the pump
company we chose.

>>I think the discussion of the types of pumps is beating a dead horse at
point. We all learn by experience and pump problems, whether d or mm, fall
into that category.>>

I'm afraid I disagree here.
   This list, and lists and newsgroups like it, are the only places
(practically speaking) that a person who is contemplating getting a pump can
ask actual users about the equipment. It is the one place where they can
talk to many users - both D users and MM users - and not sales people. It is
where they can ask users about the downside of their particular brand
(your'e not going to get that out of either companies videos or their
literature -- except about the other company and that information is
   With the appearance of more pump companies on the horizon, discussion of
pump brands here will be even more important.
   Deciding to pump and then on which pump are major decisions, much like
choosing a car. Even if one does not pay most of the $5,000 price tag, there
is the effort for many of fighting the insurance company for approval. Most
who are in the process of chosing which pump, want to know they are fighting
for the one that will serve them best.
    As annoying as the pump spats are, they are to me less annoying than
efforts to suppress discussion of  the pump brands. Learning about the two
brands is often a reason people join the list in the first place.
   My only wish with respect to  the pump brand discussion is that people
would talk about the pump they know, not the pump they've heard about. It is
galling to read misinformation on Brand A offered by a user of Brand B. I
think folks should stick to what they have first-hand experience with.
    The same way they should not allege that a doctor is getting a kickback
unless they've seen the money change hands, or have photocopies of the

And that's what I think,

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