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[IP] Re: Thanks! (Was: RE: re: Disetronic Pump?) - Doctor Kickbacks


I just wanted to thank you for sharing what you did about doctor kickbacks, 
pumps, etc..  I think sometimes we need to be put back in our place and 
realize that we can't put everyone, eg every doctor into the same box.  I 
know I have over generalized because I know of two Endos ( who told me 
themselves ) that are getting kickbacks from one of the pump 
companies,  But two out of thousands of doctors is a very small number.

It really sounds like you're a great doctor and are practicing for all the 
right reasons and I am thrilled that I have a doctor like that too.  They 
are out there, it just seems that you have to search harder and harder to 
find them these days.

Thanks again for your insightful email,

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