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Re: [IP] in-law newly dxed type 2

In a message dated 1/6/00 9:39:40 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My father-in-law was just dx as a type 2 yesterday. I was wondering if
 anyone knows of any good web sites out there that he and his wife could look
 at that pertain to type 2. I know about the www.diabetes.org  ( ADA web
 site), but are there any more? Could anyone suggest any good diabetes books
 about type 2 that would help them? >>

OK. This is one that "gets my dander up." (And I should say here that this 
"vent" isn't directed at you, Deborah.)

Diabetes is diabetes is diabetes. While we come at it from different 
directions (autoimmune disease vs insulin resistance or insufficient insulin 
production), we all need to keep our BGs under control and in normal ranges 
*as much as we can manage to do so*. We're all at risk for the same 
complications. Studies on both type 1 and type 2 have proven that tight 
control leads to lowered risk of complications. We all use two of the same 
control methods: diet and exercise. Most type 2s also use medication -- and 
about 40 percent of type 2s eventually need to take insulin. 

It seems to me that there is a general feeling out there (even among the 
health care practitioners) that type 2 isn't as "bad" as type 1. Therefore, 
it isn't given as much attention. I say it's *all* "bad." And the really 
"bad" thing about type 2 is that it often isn't discovered until after 
complications have set in. In fact, I met a woman yesterday who'd just 
learned she has diabetes. She already has neuropathy. And her doctor didn't 
test her for diabetes -- she found out when her daughter, whose son has DM, 
tested her. 

At any rate, to answer your question, one book that I recall that's 
specifically about type 2 is called, "Diabetes: Type 2 and what to do." I 
believe it's by Toohey and Bierman. But why not just get a book about DM? My 
personal favorite is "Diabetes is not a piece of cake" by Janet Mierelles 
(not sure of the spelling). It's very well-written, has some great cartoons 
in it and uses a lot of anecdotes. 

As for the doc who is checking for sugar in the urine -- tell your 
father-in-law to find a doc who knows something. :-)

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