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[IP] Re:Steve..insurance in writing

At 05:10 AM 01/07/2000 , you wrote:
>Pacificare did the same to me on insulin pump supplies.  I fought them for
>a year but lost.  So I lobbied the state legislaure and helped pass a bill
>requireing coverage of prescribed supplies and equipment.

I noticed you had Pacificare....are you in CA?  I know CA passed some new 
laws regarding diabetes and medical coverage...is this the one you're 
talking about?

We have Kaiser Permanente (South) and just received our first box of 
pumping supplies yesterday...4 months worth!  Our plan now covers all 
diabetes testing supplies with no co-payment, including test strips, 
lancets, keto-stix, and meters.  Before, everything came under our 
prescription plan and had co-payments.  We used to have to pay full price 
for keto-stix...which really hurt.  We were pleasantly surprised to find 
that not only did our plan cover the pump 100%, but also the monthly 
supplies.....even the batteries!

If this indeed is the bill you helped in passing, I would love to know what 
the breakdown of the bill is.  I know others that are diabetic as well...a 
few with children also that this could really benefit from this information.

Sue, Torrance CA
mother of Anthony 11, dx 9-22-95....pumping real soon!

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