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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #799

Linda Wrote:
7:34 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Health Insurance-diabetes supplies

I just got notice that my Health Insurance (Health Net) is changing co-pays 
this year.  In the past all prescriptions (including blood strips, insulin, 
syringes, etc.). were a $5 co-pay.  Now all diabetic supplies except pump
supplies will have a $10 co-pay (brand name co-pay) while everything else
remains at a $5 co-pay.  Does this seem a little prejudice or what?!!

I spoke to someone at the ins. company and they said they are doing this
because there are no generic equivalents for those types of supplies. 
I am happy to be able to get my supplies covered it still feels like all
diabetics are being punished for needing certain types of supplies.  Is it
our fault there are no generic equivalents offered?  How annoying!!  Thanks 
for listening to me vent!!


 I went through this several years ago with the company I worked for then. 
 We had a BCBS drug card and the company introduced a new policy whereby we 
paid $5 for generic, and $15 for non-generic Rx, and $20 if there was a 
generic and we did not use it.   I made a lot of noise about punishing the 
wrong people as there was no "generic" insulin, no "generic" Estrogen 
Replacement Therapies.

A pharmacist tole me that the companies that make the drugs spend so much 
in research and getting drug to the consumer, that there can be no generic 
for several years, til patent is over with.  The time period between no 
generic and generic is the patent period and this allows mfg to get their 
research money back...and we have to help pay for that.  Once a generic is 
available, the original creator makes no more money.   Now, I think that is 
very tough for people with chronic diseases who require non generic type 
drugs.   However, I am grateful for the research which allows me to be 
alive and healthy with no complications and I figure that any help with RX 
I get is a gift.   Now I work for a company without presecription coverage 
and it is much tougher than I estimated!!!  I do get a reimbursement (80% 
after $200 deductible) but I am always out several hundred dollars a month. 
I whine inside, but remind myself, that without insulin I would be dead, 
and that I am luckier than many who have no insurance at all.

Go ahead and vent...this group is about the only place we can all do that. 
  When you are through venting, remember how luck we are...
Bonnie Richardson 

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