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Re: [IP] Traveling Abroad


I am the Mom of a 15 year old (3 year pumper).  I've been on this list
before and took a break and asked to be put back on.  I've gotten ALOT
of valuable information from here and thank you all.

Now I'm going to ask for more info.

In July our son is going to Great Britain for 21 days with a student
group.  We're looking for as much help as possible about traveling
abroad, carrying insulin safely, supplies and how accessible insulin
and supplies are in Great Britain.

Any help from this list is welcome.  I'm concerned about the insulin
and the non-refrigeration of it.  How has this been handled before.
Also, is Humalog available over there?  

Please excuse my ignorance.  I'm not a big traveler.  We want him to have
a great experience so we're trying to do alot of research.

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