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Re: Thanks! (Was: RE: [IP] re: Disetronic Pump?)

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At the risk of all the mail this may generate, I feel I need to add a few 
things to this  question. 
I am a physician who also has a daughter on the pump (its a mm). I knew 
nothing about the pump when she started, having very little experience with 
them then. Now, I do try to get as many patients as the insurance companies 
let me, started on the pump. My patients go to the Diabetic Treatment Center 
here in town, as I did with my daughter, for all their education and 
training. The pump gets ordered by the CDE (an RN) and not me. She 
demonstrates the various pumps to the patient and also has to go by what the 
insurance approves. I have no idea what pump the patient is on until they 
come back to see me.  If anyone is getting "a kickback" its the insurance 
companies not professionals. Most doctors, I believe, are trying to help. 
It bothers me when the general public have the perception that doctors are 
all out for a buck. To put things in perspective, I was a nurse 1st, went 
back to med school and gave up a good job (and money), and now have 
$140.000.00 in loans to be paid back. 
I certainly did not do this for the money! We have insurance companies 
dictating what we can do for our patients, what we must write down, what we 
can order, etc.
If we do not do things as Medicare wants us, the" insurance police" can come 
down, charge us with fraud, and literally throw us in jail.
I am sorry this went on but I think it is good for all of us, including 
myself, to hear the other side once in a while.
I think the discussion of the types of pumps is beating a dead horse at this 
point. We all learn by experience and pump problems, whether d or mm, fall 
into that category.
Thanks for letting me add a few more thoughts.
(Mom of Cara, age 14).
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