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[IP] site in bum

how does your daughter do this? doesn't having a site under her pants rub
on the site? i would think it would...or is it just when it is under the
waist line? i'm going to try my backside this weekend but am unsure how to
Erinn (pumping 1.5 weeks, D for 15 years)

>I've watched my daughter do this -- she sort of twists around and 
>sticks it in with her right hand (either left or right side). It 
>would seem easier to me to do it sitting in front of a mirror rather 
>than twisting to see. But.... I'm not the one doing it.... The 
>insertion is done in the space between a normal belt line and what 
>would be the top of a pant pocket. It's actually on the "top" of your 
>bun to the outside of the cheek.
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