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[IP] Re: Suggestions On Insurance please...

Before you start working the insurance company, find out your state 
regulations on diabetic supplies and re-imbursement.  If yours is one of the 
states that require 100% payment, no matter where the insurance co is based, 
if they sell in your state, then they have to follow your state's rules. 
(Similar if you are away at college and your supplies are sent to your 
college address).  The state ombudsman- insurance should be able to quote you 
chapter and verse - get a copy of the appropriate legislation on-line or from 
the local library - when you have this in front of you when the insurance co 
is on the phone, it's impressive to them when you ask them how they are 
trying to weasel out of section.......... on page ......... - gets you to a 
responsive superviser real quick and they know they can't snowball you away 
from your coverage. - Bob nnn
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