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Thanks! (Was: RE: [IP] re: Disetronic Pump?)

Jack -

Thank you for your thoughtful response to my post.  I appreciate the time
and energy everyone puts into helping each other on the insulin pumpers
listserve.  It is great to hear from people like you who have direct
experience with diabetes and insulin pumps.

Wishing you peace, contentment, and a bit of excitement (just enough
excitement to keep things interesting)in this new year.

email @ redacted

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> Sent: Friday, December 31, 1999 5:07 PM
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> Subject: [IP] re: Disetronic Pump?
> If this is a question for all D users:
> >There have been several posts to the insulin-pumpers listserve
> regarding MM
> >pumps from MM pump users.  There have not been many posts from D
> users.
> This list, like America, has about 80% MM users.  In the world it's
> about 50/50, I believe, and I have noticed that 'most' D users are
> not quite as vociverous as MM'ers.
> >Would you please take a few momments to answer these questions:
> >1.  Why did you choose the Disetronic pump?
> BOTH pumps are excellent.  I think that most new pumpers are guided
> by the preferences of their cde's or doctors.  My doctor was more
> familiar with D, the cde with MM.  We went over the +'s and -'s and
> I chose D.  This was 6+ years ago.
> >2.  What are the three things you like best about the Disetronic
> pump?
> When I was told of the waterproof and 2 pumps, it was the end of the
> discussion.  I have had zero problems with it.  I feel like I could
> use it for a hammer, underwater.  At a X-Mas party for work a few
> years ago, all the managers were thrown into the pool.  I don't know
> how I would have reacted if my pump was not waterproof.  I ended up
> just playing water polo for an hour with no problems.  I wouldn't
> have wanted to fight them off, or run away.  The longest I've been
> disconnected is less than an hour.
> >3.  What are the top three things you would change about the
> Disetronic pump?
> I would like to see prior bolus', rather than just the last one.
> Sometimes when I have a high bg and immediately take an extra bolus
> I then can't take a look and see if my last one was incorrect, or
> missed.  The square wave bolus would be nice, although I wouldn't
> need to use it much.  I would rather not have a lot of doo-dads,
> lighting, remote, etc. which is just more things to break down, and
> use up batteries.
> >4.  What do you think of the customer service provided by the
> Disetronic company?
> Excellent, although I haven't had enough problems to be an expert,
> they have answered my questions and helped with my mistakes (I
> didn't bring replacement cartridges, infusion sets on vacation 5
> years ago).
> >5.  What advice would you give to someone selecting and just
> starting to use a pump?
> Go by what is important to you.  You may not have the same doctor
> for the life of the pump and he/she won't be wearing it anyway.  If
> I had my current doctor when I got a pump, he would have recommended
> an MM, because that's the one he is more familiar with (or they give
> a better kick-back now(g)).
> Six years ago it was an easy decision for  me.  They are much closer
> now, although I would still choose my current pump.  While the
> changes in MM would be important to many, they would not change my
> decision.
> >I look forward to receiving your insights.
> >Brent
> >email @ redacted
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> Jack Granowski
> email @ redacted
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>  - Albert Einstein 1945, after Hiroshima
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