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Re: [IP] Accuchek Complete & pumping

>I'm interested in how you got it. I have spoken with many people at Acute
>about the complete and have been told that the ONLY way to get one is to go
>and purchase one and wait on the rebates. The last person was supposed to
>a district sales manage and he was very adamant about not budging from
>company policy.

I too called Accuchek in hopes of getting a free moniter (or at least a
really good deal) & was told in no uncertain terms that they "DO NOT NOR
HAVE THEY EVER" given away any moniters, regardless of amount of strip usage
& testing frequency, nor are they likely to start!  (The caps are because
that's the tone of voice I was given...maybe the woman I spoke with was
having a particularly bad day, & I got the brunt of it.)  She did offer to
send me rebate forms, & told me I could do the trade-in for a slight
discount- the way she figured it, that put me at paying all-told around $60,
which was still a little too rich for my pre-holiday blood.  Just as I was
processing this info & trying to resign myself to it, along comes SuperSam
to save the day!!  (Thank you, Sam...I owe you an update on that, as soon as
the back-to-school life lets me catch my breath again!)  At any rate, when I
called I got a very definite "NO!"  So it's not just you, Tommy.


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