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[IP] suggestions on insurance PLEASE!!!

Hi everyone, I got some possibly bad news tonight: I got a call from 
minimed, who ended up talking to my step dad since I'm not 18 yet and don't 
deal with the bills (lucky me) but they told him that blue cross had 
contacted them saying that now they were only going to authorize 80 percent 
coverage on my pump stuff! Until now, everything has been
completely, absolutely, 100 percent covered.  Can they do this???? Minimed 
didn't have much info, such as why they are doing this, and my step dad 
hinted that they were going to try and make us pay for 20 percent of the 
pump that had previously been covered (not sure if this is true though) the 
main point is, my supplies were covered 100 percent.  Minimed called saying 
that now they are only covered 80 percent.  They told us to call blue cross 
as it sometimes makes a difference if the patient calls.  I'm looking for 
any suggestions or insight into this whole thing. I feel very lucky that I 
have not had insurance problems until now, but am therefore unexperienced.  
thanks, Gianna
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