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Re: [IP] Re: Dilution solution added to Humalog

> Does anyone have experience using a dilution solution added to
> Humalog in pump therapy.  I'm on a MM508 and because I need a really
> low basal rate, MM suggested that i try using the dilution.  I run
> between .2 and .3 for basals, and could probably do better with more
> flexibility. My nurse educator has agreed to this, but I don't think
> she has too much experience with this, and I wanted to get some
> opinions. Is it very complicated? does it cause problems with air
> bubbles in the syringe? does it make filling syringes more
> difficult? Any helpful hints would be appreciated. 

Your best bet would be to contact some of the parents of "very" young 
children that pump. many of them dilute insulin. I understand that 
the proper dulitant(sp?) is difficult to get because pharmacies don't 
carry it and generally can't get it. Some hospitals have it. See the 
links page under Humalog for info


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