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Re: [IP] rebounds

> Is it just me (actually Andrew,4.75) or is a high from a "suspected"
> rebound MUCH harder to bring down then "other" highs?
Yes, much harder -- at this point he would probably be insulin 
resistant and you have to overcome that as well.

> I find that it
> takes almost double when it is a "suspected" rebound. Sadly, I'm
> just guessing when he's 400 and the normal 1 unit Humalog does not
There is another thing going on here.  Nice healthy kidneys are busy 
excreting sugar from the urine otherwise he would be much higher. The 
400 is not a good representation of the high since the kidneys are 
working overtime at this point. 

> bring him down more than 30-50. Normally it drops him 100. Any
> thoughts? I test the poor kid 12-15 times a day as it is but we're
> still not over the "bug" so it's more difficult right now.
Check with YOUR medical team on this, but I'm very aggressive with 
insulin to keep bg's in line with Lily when she is ill. We increase 
both basals, ratios, and boluses to keep bg's within target range 
until the illness passes, being extra vigilant for the expected 
decrease in insulin requirements as she recuperates.

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