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Re: [IP] fat and protein! - an explanation

Delaine wrote:

<< In english, *lol* - rising amino acid levels (from protein breakdown) cause
the liver to release glucose. >>

Ruth responded with:

<< NOW....what ARE we going to do about this problem? >>

and Armsted chimed in:

<< Now please add to that explaination a glass of wine 
which will block the livers production of gluecagon and tell us what that 
will add or detract from the explaniation. >>

Now my response:

Wow, this is interesting!  I suppose one of the first things I'd like to
know is how long does it typically take the body to digest protein?  Since
the bg rise from protein seems to be delayed, the logical solution seems
like an extra bolus to cover the protein (as a square wave or increased
temp. basal), starting perhaps 2 -3 hours after a protein-rich meal, might
do the trick.  Of course, then we would have to know our protein to insulin
ratio as well as our carb to insulin ratio.  Where's that calculator?

I'm also intrigued by the glass of wine (or bottle of beer) idea and would
love to know how that would play into the equation.  However, I realize
that this idea wouldn't appeal to everybody, especially a 10 year old. :-)

Mary Jean

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