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[IP] Health Insurance-diabetes supplies

I just got notice that my Health Insurance (Health Net) is changing co-pays 
this year.  In the past all prescriptions (including blood strips, insulin, 
syringes, etc.). were a $5 co-pay.  Now all diabetic supplies except pump 
supplies will have a $10 co-pay (brand name co-pay) while everything else 
remains at a $5 co-pay.  Does this seem a little prejudice or what?!!

I spoke to someone at the ins. company and they said they are doing this 
because there are no generic equivalents for those types of supplies.  While 
I am happy to be able to get my supplies covered it still feels like all 
diabetics are being punished for needing certain types of supplies.  Is it 
our fault there are no generic equivalents offered?  How annoying!!  Thanks 
for listening to me vent!!

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