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[IP] FW: pizza and hyperglycemia

I just started "surfing" newsgroups and came across this article regarding
pizza.  Since there has been a lot of discussion about iŻ recently, I
thought I would forward it.

I am involved in a study with the University of Iowa "to determine whether
or not the in-home availability of an internet-based diabetes education
program will be used by patients with diabetes and whether or not such a
program can help a patient to understand more about their diabetes and to
help them improve their diabetes blood sugar conrol."  Although I am an avid
internet user before starting the study, I feel I am learning more.  I had
been thinking about an insulin pump and this group, plus my diabetic
educator have convinced me that I should pursue it further.  So I will be
seeing an internal medicine doctor next week about the pump.

This group is a big help even though right now I don't undersand a lot of
the technical suff.  But that will come with "education."  Thanks for
helping in my learning process.

Gilda Weisskopf
From: Doug Skrecky <email @ redacted>
Organization: Vancouver CommunityNet
Newsgroups: misc.health.diabetes,sci.med.nutrition
Date: 6 Jan 2000 01:00:05 GMT
Subject: pizza and hyperglycemia

Citations: 1-2
  Tatti P.  Di Mauro P.  Guarisco R.
  An unsuspected factor contributing to pizza
  hyperglycemia [letter; comment].
  Comment on: Diabetes Care 1993 Apr;16(4):578-80
  Diabetes Care.  16(10):1409-10, 1993 Oct.

  Ahern JA.  Gatcomb PM.  Held NA.  Petit WA Jr.  Tamborlane WV.
  Department of Nursing, Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut.
  Exaggerated hyperglycemia after a pizza
  meal in well-controlled diabetes [see comments].
  Comment in: Diabetes Care 1993 Oct;16(10):1409-10, Comment in: Diabetes
  1993 Oct;16(10):1410-1
  Diabetes Care.  16(4):578-80, 1993 Apr.
  OBJECTIVE--To examine whether the postprandial hyperglycemic effect of
  pizza in well-controlled IDDM patients is related to
  overeating or to unique properties of this popular food. RESEARCH DESIGN
  METHODS--On two evenings, each patient (n = 8) consumed a meal that was
  similar in macronutrient composition except that one consisted of
  pizza and the other was a control meal that included high
  glycemic index foods. The insulin regimen was held constant.
  RESULTS--Postprandial glucose levels were within the target range (< or =
  mM) after the control meal. Although the initial glucose increase was
  for the two meals, plasma glucose continued to rise and was significantly
  increased from 4 to 9 h after ingestion of pizza compared
  with the control meal (P < 0.05). This increase occurred even though free
  insulin, glucagon, and free fatty acid levels did not differ
  CONCLUSIONS--Our data suggest that pizza has properties that
  accentuate and sustain postprandial hyperglycemia.

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