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Re: [IP] Accuchek Complete & pumping

In a message dated 1/6/00 10:16:47 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Is anyone using the Accuchek Complete?  We started using it yesterday.  It 
 is a little bulky but I was impressed with the ability to enter basils and 
 boluses, insulin dosages and types and events.  Does anyone use the software 
 also?  I just ordered it.  I'm curious if and how this has made 
 recordkeeping easier.  Thank you.
Hi Laura,
        We use the Accucheck Complete and the software.  I have 3 diabetic 
children (only 1 on the pump), but this has made our lives SOOOO much easier! 
 My son who is pumping got the Accucheck first and then I switched the other 
two to it.  I can download each childs information, chart it, graph it, 
averages, etc!  Nothing too fancy mind you, but enough to keep us organized 
and not have to worry about the boys forgetting to write things down, mixing 
up log books and such.  Steven (my pumper) even has a Complete for school.  
Once a month I take it home for the weekend and download that info too.  When 
we go to the endo, I just print out the averages, trends, or any charts you 
choose and take them along...nice and neat, and EASY....LOL!!  There are 
really no bells or whistles with the software, but it keeps the info 
organized, and you can use it for analysis in whatever ways you wish, so I'm 

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