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Re: Off-Topic But I Need This Info (was: Re: [IP] Strange Date)

Hi Sam,

Been there, tried that, got the T-shirt. <G>  Now I feel

I would think the problem was a failing battery if the
system clock/date was resetting to 1980, but it is
resetting to 2094.  I am wondering if it may be caused by a
couple of older programs he is still running, such as Word
Perfect for Windows 3.x.

We have no idea what brand of computer his is.  It looks
like maybe a homebuilt -- no brand names anywhere except on
individual components and hardware (they are all different
brands).  It is at least 6+ years old.  I base that on the
fact that my computer is about 6 years old and uses newer
chips and parts and has a newer BIOS version.  I upgraded
his computer for him to an Intel 486DX-66 and 16MB RAM --
that is about the tops it will handle.  Mine is upgraded
further than that and still has room to go if I get so
inclined.  That's another reason we think his computer is

He doesn't want to spend too much more money on it because
in the spring he will be going back to the VA Blind
Training Center in Palo Alto, CA for computer training as a
blind person.  He is a WWII veteran.  He will bring home a
brand new computer system from this training -- paid for by
by the Blind Veterans Association of America.  He uses a
computer to publish the newsletter for this groups local
chapter so he will receive whatever is needed to continue
doing this.  I am almost jealous of this because, other
than the newsletter, all he uses his computer for is to
mostly play "Solitaire."  :^(

I think I will try again to find some kind of software fix
or else add a line to the "autoexec.bat" file that will
force him to enter the date every time he turns the
computer on.  I may also try upgrading his Win95 software
to a later version -- I think Microsoft has patches for
this on their website.

Thanks for your suggestions and help.  :^)

--- Sam Skopp <email @ redacted> wrote:
> At 01:57 AM 1/5/2000  Susan K wrote:
>  >This fix worked great on my system with the very last
>  >upgrade of WIN95 (just before WIN98 was released).
>  >
>  >However, My Dad has a system with the very first
> edition of
>  >Win95 on it.  I made this fix on his computer on
> January 1
>  >and it seemed to work OK.  Now, though, each day at 12
> am
>  >the system retains the month and day but changes the
> year
>  >to 2094.  He has to reset the year every day.
>  >
>  >Do you, or anybody else, know of a patch that might
> work to
>  >fix this?
> This could either be hardware or software related... I'm
> not an expert, so 
> it's hard for me to tell. How old of a machine is it?
> Have you had the BIOS 
> updated to the latest version? Most of the major computer
> makers have 
> websites where you can often download software BIOS
> updates. However, for 
> really old machines it may take a physical chip to update
> things. Try -- 
> http://www.mrbios.com/ or http://www.firmware.com/
> depending on the brand 
> of BIOS chip that you have, etc.
> Have you gone onto Microsoft's website and checked for
> updates? They have a 
> lot posted there for Win95. You might want to try
> starting with -- 
> http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/default.asp
> Good luck.
> Sam

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