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[IP] SWimming......gurgle, splutter.

Hi pumpers this is Pumpgirl from Sunny Sydney.
Yes you can swim!
I said CAN, CAN TOO!
I swam 72 laps today and feel great.  Sure I did. In my 9 metre pool.
O.K. so it is only 8 lots of 50 metres, I excercised didn' I?

What happens to me is. I go in a bit high like 13-19 mmols (234-342) and
swim like mad for half an hour and  when I get out I do a test and am
normally around 6-10mmols (108-180) and then just do my normal stuff. If
I'm too low I'll eat somelow GI stuff before hand like a muesli bar and
have half a sweet drink.

But what always happens to me is that I always go low 7 hours after
swimming.  don' know why? and it is only swimming that this happens.

I've swum for 2 years now. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday. and have
lost weight and helped my control of the sugars. And it helps
phsycologically as well.  But it doesn't help with spelling.

So happy swimming from Pumpgirl.
Keep on pumping.

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