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Re: [IP] Re: job interviews

At 11:19 PM 1/5/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> > >  I have never admitted up-front during an interview that I have juvenile
> > diabetes.
>Admitting is something you do when you have committed a crime, not when 
>you are
>telling someone about a medical condition.  I agree with Sara--it is none 
>of your
>prospective employer's beeswax that you have diabetes.  You don't have to 
>that in a job interview anymore than you have to admit to your bra size or 
>of your sex life.  It simply isn't relevant.  Once you are employed, you 
>may or may
>not CHOOSE to share that information.

Just so everyone knows NO employer can denie you a job OR insurance 
coverage for any condition that you have before the interview.  It is now 
Fed law that all preexisting conditions be covered.  But i still would not 
volunteer the info until after I have been hired.

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