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Re: [IP] Yogurt thingy at McDonalds

In a message dated 1/5/00 3:26:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 E-mailed McDonald's about the Yogurt cup thingy with the strawberries and 
 granola, etc.  They said it has 72 carbs in it.  Sounds about right by the 
 reaction of your bg.  I haven't tried one, but I was wondering if they made 
 them at each restaurant?, if so you could get different amounts of the 
 ingredients depending on which person made it that day, or is it premade to 
 tighter specs?
Ooooh good point Jeanie.  You know I have had two and one did have more 
granola and fruit and less yogurt then the other.  I will have to watch for 
that but at least if I have a base of 72 I can work from there.  You are 
right I think about 1.5 more and I would have been okay.

By the way they are so Gooooooood.

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