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Re: [IP] morning BS rise

On 5 Jan 2000, denise poole wrote:

> my BS rises no matter what I do. I normally eat 30 grams of carbs,
> when I do eat breakfast, and I bolus 3 units for that. This also is my highest
> insulin/carb ratio of the day. I can take the extra insulin and NOT eat and
> still have the BS rise! I don't eat protein at this meal, and very little at
> other meals. 

Sounds like the classic description of dawn phenomena. You might re-read 
Pumping Insulin, figure out what is needed to cover the rise and when and 
tweak your basals. I would expect your CDE would help you with this

> My Endo doesnt
seem to > like to make many changes and thinks I am doing very well on the
pump. > Compared to how I was before, I guess this is true. but I still
want to avoid > this am BS problem if possible. 

On the surface it sounds like your Endo is too busy or has some other 
reason not to devote the necessary time to solving your problem. If this 
is really the case, you might want to consider looking around for someone 
more helpful. In the mean time, learn as much as you can and do the best 
you can to manage appropriately. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Read 
the HOWTO's on basal profiling and read about

Insulin Pumper's Basal Rate Estimator 

on http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto.shtml

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