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Re: [IP] chinese food - ingredients

>Chinese food and other Oriental types of food usually are very high in
>different starches(carbs) as well as sugars.  This type of cooking
>incorporates sugar or sugar syrup that wrecks havoc with our BGs.

  Hello! Just want to relate an experience I had once . . .the above comment 
is very true: even if you are "sure" that a certain chinese food doesn't 
have added sugar, ASK!!! Last year, I went out for chinese food and decided 
to make sure, so I asked the waitress to check on the item (I forget what it 
was . . .) and it turns out they added tons of sugar, pineapple juice, and 
corn starch.  So I had them make it without it.  My post meal bg was "only" 
235 compared to the previous time i'd gotten chinese and had a bg of 435 
after!  (These were both pre-pump btw)  Another note:  if you ever order 
fajitas in a restaurant, ask what's in the marinade!! Sometimes those are 
made with fruit juices as well :)  --Gianna
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