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[IP] nsurance & Interviews

Jennifer wrote:

>  During the job interview process, is there any good way to get 
>  information about a company's coverage 

Do NOT tell them you have a pre-existing condition.  If it is a large 
company, they are required by law (some exeptions) to provide yo with 
coverage.  Merely ask for the name of the health insurance the comapny 
provides, and ask for a telephone number.  Call them YOURSELF and ask the 
pertinent questions.  Though is may be against the law to discriminate 
against you for having a pre-existing condiitoin, don't foolyourself into 
thinking that they may see what GREAT shape you are in and you take SUCH good 
control of yourself...all they hear is DIABETIC and they think PASSING OUT, 

An insurance company would have to pretty much have a written RIDER that 
specifically EXCLUDES pumps and the supplies...generally they are considered 
medically necessary and Durable Medical Goods...if your doctor prescribes it, 
they have to provide it...do not ask the employer!!!  They WON'T know and it 
will be a RED FLAG to them

>  never admitted up-front during an interview that I have 
> juvenile diabetes.  

don't do it.  If they ask if you have any conditions that would prevent you 
from doing your job, you can honestly say no, cuz as long as you take care of 
yourself there is no job you can't do - except maybe fly an airplane and I 
have heard that is changing/has changed.  If they ask if you have any 
pre-existing conditions, ask, is that a legal question and what bearing does 
it have on this partiuclar position.  Make sure your pump doesn't alarm in 
the middle od the interview and if it does - oops youjust got a page from 
another job offer....don't mention kids or spouse either...

who is WAY behind on digests and who has lost 2 possible jobs for asking 
about health insurance....
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