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Re: [IP] Re: 3 day fast - ketones

I have done fast before
>and just wanted to say that your body does produce keytones during a fast
>though.  Not sure how that would effect a diabetic differently from a non

  hi everyone : I read somewhere that ketones from fasting and such are not 
the same (re: not dangerous?) as ketones from out of control blood sugars 
and having no insulin available.  I  have ended up going SEVERAL hours w/out 
eating since on a pump, and have tested for ketones just to see, and they 
were there but since I had my basals set pretty well, my blood sugars were 
great. Isn't this what happens to non-D's anyway when they don't eat? I 
don't understand why it would be something to worry about if you are getting 
basal insulin.  --Gianna
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