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[IP] Re:Sick Day advice

Pumping Insulin, MiniMed user's manual and Disetronic User manual all have 
excellent guidelines for hyperglycemia and sick day guidelines that are 
specific to pumping. Everyone should have at least one of those items, but I 
would recommend using two of them as reference. Your own physician or CDE are 
required by Diabetes Care Standards to provide specific information for your 
individual care. (The best ones will!) If you don't have the information, get 
it. It will save a lot of headaches and trips to the ER, physician office. 
During flu season, if you feel sick, test more often, bolus to correct, if 
needed, or consume calorie liquids, if needed. Dehydration is your biggest 
enemy. Stay hydrated. DKA is a fluid replacement emergency, first, and BG 
correction, second. If you have ketones, and high BG, insulin resistance goes 
up, and you could need 10 - 20 % more insulin than for a BG in the 200-300 
range without ketones. It is because YMMV, and the "bugs" may vary, that you 
need your own treatment plan from your physician. When in doubt, don't panic, 
seek medical attention. Children and elderly will dehydrate faster than the 
rest of us (gee, I'm getting closer to that second one!) There is a nasty flu 
bug out there, so be careful.
At least with a pump, you can raise or lower your basals from BG test to BG 

Stay healthy!
Barbara B.
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