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Re: [IP] re: mixing insulins...another question

> <<Please be more specific about this. Are you really using an H/V
> mix 
>  that is a 5 to 1 ratio -- that would be 4 parts H and 1 part V or
>  are you using  5 parts H and 1 part V ??>>
> We use 5 parts Humalog to 1 part V.

yeah, this can be confusing. there are a total of 6 parts here, 5 of 
H and 1 of V. It is probably clearer to state it that way since the 
ratio method implies a statement about one of the parts to the whole.
> I still have one burning question though....do you
> compensate for the amount in the leur neck or not?  How do you know
> exactly how much is in the leur neck to begin with?  If I go
> strictly by the lines on the reservoir, will it be a "true" 5:1 mix?
>  As I said, the mix we've used so far has worked amazingly well....I
> guess I would feel better having a more "solid" assurance as to how
> to handle the leur neck leftover.

Lily and I ignore the amount leur lock insulin. The H is pretty close 
to the characteristics of the "mix" -- hasn't been a problem. The 
stuff in the leur lock gets pushed into the tube when you prime so 
a few units gets thrown away anyway. Guesses to the contents of the 
leur lock are about 20 units. you can measure it if you want. Fill an 
old syringe partly with air then draw in enough water to fill the 
leur lock area. remove the needle. With a small standard insulin 
syringe, draw out the water until the big guy is empty and you will 
then have the total. BTW, this works in a pinch to get insulin out of 
an "empty" syringe when you run out.

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