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Re: [IP] Shoes and socks off in Dentist's office

Hmmm ... and imagine if you will, the look on everyone's face in the 
medical complex shared by:

1)  the endo
2)  the dentist
3)  the proctologist
4)  the podiatrist
5)  the gynecologist
6)  the urologist
7)  the psychiatrist

If you had multiple appointments on the same day and your calendar was not 
synchronized properly

"Hi, who are you here to see?"

"Well, I guess that depends on what I'm not wearing" ..... <vbg>


>At 07:37 AM 1/5/2000  jan hughey wrote:
> >> Subject: Forcing a foot inspection, was: Re: [IP] Checkups
> >>
> >> As soon as you get into the examination room, remove your shoes and socks.
> >> Leave them off until your doctor inspects your feet.
> >> Of course, my dentist thinks I'm a bit strange when I take my shoes and
> >> socks off ......... <vbg>
> >>
> >> Bob Burnett
> >
> >The same trick could be done to force doctors to do a breast exam on women.
> >Imagine the look on the dentist's face walking in .....
>Imagine the look on the police and the guys in the white coats, as they 
>come to cart you away!!  :-)

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