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[IP] The pizza effect

ON Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 20:25:44 -0500
 "susan stitt" <email @ redacted wrote:

>Hi I am a diabetes educator and pump wearer.  It's the FAT in the pizza
>causes the blood sugar to rise slowly.  Do you have a MM pump?  Because the
>square wave bolus feature is perfect for this.  People experience this same
>problem with other high fat food such as Chinese Food and movie theater

Well, that may possibly what happens to some folks but it is not what
happens to me. My BG does not rise slowly upon eating pizza. It shoots up
and  continues to climb over the next eight hours. I read that as insulin
resistance, possibly caused by the fat, but that's my uneducated
    What works for me in eating pizza is a way bigger than usual initial
bolus (for one variety of pizza, that means 10 units --7 taken immediately
[when most meals mean only 3 to 4 for me] and 3 more units an hour or so
later, followed by 8 hour increase in my basal rate.

Anika, (who has eaten her half of the 12-inch pizza and still managed to
awaken with a BG of 105)

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