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[IP] illness

Just thought I'd share the odd happenings with Andrew, 4.75 yrs, and his

There's a bug going around with vomiting/diarrhea. Andrew only had loose
bowels, small ketones and no appetite, fortunately, for a couple of
days......THEN beginning New Year's Eve, I could NOT keep him above 50 to
save my life. He wasn't eating much so I was barely bolusing. This went
on for 3 days. I kept lowering the basal, skipping boluses and treating
lows. When I finally spoke with the nurse she said his metabolism was
probably working overtime trying to get rid of the virus. Has this
happened to anyone else? It's been a week now and he's eating much better
but his basal and bolus ratio is still down. I guess I'll just keep
bumping up the basal as I see higher numbers...Kinda feels like I'm
starting from scratch and we've only been pumping for 4 months. AHHHH the
joys of diabetes!

Other then that , our holidays were wonderful and his BG GREAT!

A happy and healthy New Year to all!


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