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Re: [IP] re: mixing insulins...another question

In a message dated 1/5/00 3:45:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< So, the R worked fine, in 
 a 1 to 5 ratio. >>

I have what may seem like a silly question, but here goes....  We just began 
mixing H & V for my son about a month ago.  His numbers were always higher 
day 2 of a site and his ups and downs were hard to control.  I must say that 
since the H/V mix, his numbers have been WONDERFUL!  Our endo and CDE had not 
mixed before but supported our request.  We use the 1:5 ratio, and here's the 
question that's been bugging me.  We use the MiniMed 507c.  When I draw the 
insulin, we do the H first then the V.  Now....Since the neck of the 
reservoir gets filled up too, I kind of "add" some V to the actual 1:5 ratio, 
to account for the "extra" H in the neck of the reservoir to try to keep a 
"true" 5:1 proportion.  Is this correct?  It's been working just fine and 
Steven has had some of the best and most consistent numbers he's had in 
looooooong time, so we must be doing something right.  I just wanted to see 
how others are handling this.  

        Since starting the H/V mix, he's had days where his numbers hardly 
vary more than 30 points the whole day......I'm so amazed and thrilled at how 
consistent it's been from day to day.  Any other suggestions about mixing 
would be appreciated too.  As I said, our endo and CDE are supporting us as 
best they can, but we're all kind of learning it together, so any advice from 
the group is welcomed.

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