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[IP] re: sick day advice

Hi, Theresa and all,

The information our CDE gave us was pretty specific medical advice for
Josh's situation, so I'm uncomfortable passing it along (in case it isn't
correct for other people).  I may be overly-cautious, but that YMMV thing
makes me nervous!  I don't know if Michael has posted general sick day
guidelines on the IP site, or if that's even a feasible option.  (Michael???)

I'd suggest calling someone on your diabetes education team, if possible,
to get their recommendations.  That way the information will match your
needs and their procedures.  They should be happy to help you become more
prepared for one of these emergency situations!

Not meaning to offend--just cautious (and newly humble, as you may

:)  Doreen in Wyoming
Theresa wrote:

>If you don't mind can you post what your CDE wrote out for you about the 
>signs of getting sick?  I wouldn't mind a refresher course.  Thanks and I'm 
>glad to hear Josh is getting better.
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