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Re: [IP] mixing insulins

> I have just recently begun noticing a pattern - almost like
> clockwork, by the end of the 2nd day after a site change, my
> daughter seems to run a little higher than usual. I know many of you
> use velosulin with the humalog to help stretch a site to 3 days. Can
> you use regular or does it have to be velosulin? I don't have any V
> (would have to pay for it out of pocket) but have a lot of R.

John Neale, the Insulin Pumpers UK administrator uses a mix of 
Humalog and regular insulin. He says it works for him. Lily uses 
Velosulin. You should be able to get it at the pharmacy or have it 
ordered for you. Since it is the only insulin actually approved for 
use in pumps, I wouldn't think you'd have any problem getting 
insurance to pay for it. We have BS/BC and they pay for both the H&V 
without any question.

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