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Re: [IP] New Pumper - Swimming

> Allie went to swim practice last night - first time since she got
> her pump 3 weeks ago.  She went down 2 units on her dinner bolus at
> 6 - swam disconnected from 6:45 to 7:45 - came out of the pool at 60
> - treated with juice - was 85 15 minutes later - but 260 an hour
> after that.  Is this common?  How do the rest of you deal with
> exercise.....

There are several scenarios. It's not uncommon to get low while in 
water. The heat conductivity is about 900 times that of air and it 
literally sucks the energy out of you. With a little experimentation 
you can determine the number of carbs she burns per hour during a 
workout (water temp dependent) and she can eat a little to carry her 
through. When Lily was on swim team, she usually ate enough of a 
power bar to get 10 - 15 grams in. that carried her for about an 
hour. Plain crackers work good too, and will not upset a swimming 

Exercise may result in bg's going down and an increase in insulin 
sensitivity for many hours afterwards. However, in the absence of 
adequate insulin in the bloodstream, the muscles may not be able to 
use available glucose resulting in the body responding by increasing 
glucose levels in the bloodstream. This may be what you saw. Some of 
the athletes on the list have reported that a small snack + insulin 
helps to overcome this problem by making sure that insulin is 
available and there is carb to cover it. YMMV

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