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[IP] Re: fat

Susan, you are right that the fat slows the absorption of carbs, but based
on most everyone's experience it does much more than that.  You can exactly
figure out how many carbs are in 2  slices of pizza, and if you just bolus
to cover that amount, square wave or not,  it's a certainty that your BG
will be high in 4 - 8 h.  I've tried to get some information on this from
my endo but he justs quotes the dogma that fat "slows" things down.
Someone needs to take a closer look at this important question.

<<<<<<<Hi I am a diabetes educator and pump wearer.  It's the FAT in the
pizza that
causes the blood sugar to rise slowly.  Do you have a MM pump?  Because the
square wave bolus feature is perfect for this.  People experience this same
problem with other high fat food such as Chinese Food and movie theater
Good Luck!

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