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Re: [IP] Re: bs change with mother's cycle!?!

<< You are kidding?  Is there any documentation on this?  MY cycles can affect 
my daughters blood sugars?  Tell me how, so I can see if this is happening in 
our house?  Is it usually just before the cycle that the bs rise? And what 
happens when they begin?  Now, I'm curious about this one!  >>

No, he's not kidding.  See this article on the IP website:


It is well documented that pre-pubescent girls often have monthly changes
in bgs.  Although I didn't discuss the "women who live together" phenomenon
in this article, that is generally accepted as well.  In other words, for
"whatever" reasons, women who live together often will migrate towards a
similar schedule for menstrual cycles. Just ask any women living in a
college dormitory, I bet they'll back this up.

To answer your question, the rise in bgs usually occurs about 3 to 5 days
before the beginning of the period, and lasts about 24 hours after the
period starts. Your daughter may be exhibiting such a cycle if she is
nearing the age of menses. Plot bgs for a few months against your menstrual
cycle to see if this is happening.

Mary Jean Renstrom

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