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Re: [IP] Re: bs change with mother's cycle!?!

Miranda Miller wrote:
> He's not saying the daughter's bgs change as a *result* of the mother's
> period.  He's saying that even pre-menstrual girls have monthly bg cycles
> on their own.  Perhaps certain hormones in their body are fluctuating
> monthly even before they begin menstruating.

There is a phenomenon called "synchrony" where the menstrual periods of
females who live together tend to gravitate toward the same cycle. This
has been documented among roommates in college dorms and nuns in
convents. It apparently has to do with the hormonal response to a
pheromone in the women's sweat and/or vaginal secretions.  

So, yes, if the girl is starting to generate (and be responsive to)
female hormones, she WILL respond to her mother's cycle, and her BGs may
start to cycle before she actually has her first period!

Strange but true!!!
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